Topic 1

Topic 1: Reflection

Starting the module with the concepts of digital residents and visitors has meant that I have begun to delve into the digital world, and see that it is far more complex, and that there is much to think about when it comes to how, when, where and why people access the digital world. Because of this it has meant that I now understand that I myself am towards the digital resident end of the spectrum, and it have begun to see just how the digital world really is more of a place, rather than a tool. By using the internet to keep in contact with my friends across the world, using it to gather required information, and also discovering what acquaintances and are doing with their lives through social media platforms, it means that I am a part of many differing networks, working together to share ideas, views and information.

Alongside this, it has also helped me to discover that I am not using the digital world to its fullest potential, by joining WordPress it has opened up a whole new part of the digital world to me that I hadn’t accessed before. With its mixture of academic and personal blogs, it brings the two worlds together and has opened up new sources of communication that I hadn’t experienced before. By commenting on David’s and Brad’s blogs and generating discussion through this, along with the comments left on my own blog it has meant that not only am I blogging for the first time, but also using it to develop my academic knowledge, by gaining other peoples perspectives and findings from their own research, which is something that hadn’t even crossed my mind before taking up this module.


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