Topic 2

Topic 2 Reflection


Figure 1: Parts of the debate I have engaged in to do with online identities.

This week’s topic of online identities has definitely had an effect on my online presence and the ways in which I put out my own identity onto the internet, one way in which I have adapted this, is by changing my privacy settings on services such as Facebook and Twitter, in order to help protect it, and make it more private than it was. As well as this it made me think about the ways in which I portray myself on the internet, and the fact that my online presence is mainly based around my personal identity, rather than my professional one, with the exception of this blog.


Figure 2: Changing my online privacy settings.

This week I decided to comment on Jordan’s blog (word count 143), who decided to look into the idea of our anonymity being eroded, and had interesting ideas on how our identity is only truly safe if we remain anonymous. This then led to a conversation about whether we should remain anonymous or not, and ways in which sharing parts of our identity can help others. I then commented on Catherine’s blog, picking up on her idea of our personal identity, and in particular the use of data mining, and engaging in the debate of private vs public online identities.

Through both carrying out reading, writing my own blog posts and then reading and commenting on others and replying to the comments I have received, I have been able to engage in the topic, and form my own ideas and opinions on many different aspects of the topic, from misleading others through creating multiple identities, the use of our identity in mapping activities from food poisoning outbreaks to things such as terrorist activities. It is clear to me through this that having both multiple and single online identities both have their own perks and drawbacks, both for the individual themselves and the wider online community, and world.

Word count:315


Figure 1: Self-made using Microsoft Word

Figure 1: Self-made using Microsoft Word


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