Topic 3

Topic 3 Reflection

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Figure 1: Key words from Topic 3.

This weeks posts led me to Alexander’s  and David’s blogs, unfortunately Alex didn’t reply to his comments this week. However David did, which led us to become engaged in a discussion about what exactly makes up an authentic online identity. This led to us forming the idea that online professional identities may not be authentic in the true sense of the word, but instead made up of a necessary adjustments by the individual to style their personality and qualities in a suitable way for each service that they were using, in order to project their ‘best self’.

In terms of my own blog, the comment this week led to a discussion on whether or not people should be victimised for the things that they post online, leading me to assess the implications that things that we say online have, that perhaps may come across differently in the future.

Through these two discussions it has definitely led me to consider not just double but triple checking the things that I post online, as you never know who could be watching from the professional world. It has also helped me to consider what exactly are helpful comments to make, and which are not. As well as gaining an increasing understanding of the implications of what we post online, it has also helped me to understand just how much having an online presence on networks such as LinkedIn and here on WordPress, can really make a difference to your employability. Consequently I will definitely make sure that when the time comes to start looking for jobs I make my presence online as detectable as possible to future employers so that I can showcase what I have to offer them beyond a simple CV.

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Figure 1: Self made using Tagul.


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