Topic 4

Topic 4 Reflection

This week we focused on ethical issues related to social media and businesses. Consequently this led to a road range of topics being discussed in the blogs. Personally mine was focused on the ideas of confidentiality in the workplace and what can happen if this is broken, and how workplaces are attempting to prepare and prevent professionals from getting into trouble by breaking confidentiality agreements. Through the comments in my blog it led me to consider what exactly is breaking these agreements, and what may actually instead be other issues and concerns that employers can have regarding their employees, leading them to suspend them.

Moving onto the blogs that I commented on this week, Andrei’s in particular led me to become engaged in a ethical concern, that I personally never would have thought about, regarding the service economy, and the effects that companies like Uber have on those that both work for them and the traditional industries that are competing with them. I think that this uniqueness of topic, and how it led me to become engaged in something that I hadn’t previously considered in the past really reflects what one key part of the module is about, as it expands our knowledge of topics linked to living in a digital world, and ones that we are often not even fully aware of.

The other blog that I commented on this week was David’s who chose to look into how social media posts can damage the reputation of businesses, and lead to job losses, which I believe incorporates another key component of the module, as it is something that we have already looked into in previous weeks. However in this case David has looked at it from a different angle and detail, allowing for me to expand my existing knowledge and understanding of the topic even further. Through the comment that I had left it allowed for me to discuss the use of social media to provide a voice to those who can sometimes be seen as powerless and voiceless within the world of corporations and businesses, and posed questions on whether or not this use of social media is ever acceptable or not.

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