Topic 5

Topic 5: Reflection

This week focused on open access, with my post leading to discussions on respectability, the advantages and disadvantages of open access over peer reviewed journals, ideas of the knowledge underclass and differences between those in developed and developing countries . From three contributors a wide range of topics were discussed, showing how complex the topic of open access is, with many differing views on whether open access is the way forward.

This week I commented on David’s and Harriet’s blogs. In a discussion with David the focus was on the financial elite in particular. From my own research economic conditions seem to be a major concern when it comes to publishing. For researchers open access provides them a way to get their research out there, and allows whoever wishes to to read it, without paying. However in order for them to get their work out in the first place, often high publishing costs have to be paid first, which often isn’t feasible to researchers.

In my discussion with Harriet, we discussed why people aren’t turning to open access publishing, as from personal experiences, paywalls can create major issues when trying to write essays for university. We thought about things such as the issues of people being ‘stuck in their old ways’ and perhaps being unsure of new things.

This weeks topic was something that as an online user I hadn’t particularly thought about in too much detail before beginning my research, as I had always been the one reading the articles rather than the one publishing. However once I had begun to look into the topic, it really highlighted to me the issues that academics can face just to get their work out, whether this is through the need for grants and funding for the research, help to cover the cost of publishing or even just to get their names out their in the first place.

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